April 21, 2023
Using an SEO Tool

The Ultimate List of 15 SEO Tools for Content Optimization

Few things are more discouraging than crafting an excellent piece of content, only to find that hardly anyone has seen it. In today’s competitive digital landscape, it simply isn’t enough to create incredible content– you have to go out of your way to ensure it is optimized for search engines. […]
April 14, 2023
Deciding Between Relative and Absolute URLs

Relative vs. Absolute URLs: Does It Matter For Your SEO?

We all know that internal links are an important part of SEO. They help search engines find, index, and understand all of your site’s pages and can also send page authority and improve user experience. Once you dig deeper into improving your SEO to ensure that your site is ranking […]
April 7, 2023
Using Canonicals on a Website

How Canonicals Can Make (Or Break) Your Rankings and SEO

If there are similar or exact copies of your content on other pages on your site or elsewhere on the web, you’re dealing with duplicate content. If there are large amounts of duplicate content on your site, it can have a seriously negative effect on your search result rankings. Google […]
March 31, 2023
A Robust Content Marketing Strategy

The Role of Content Marketing in Investor Relations Strategies

How can you reach potential investors in a crowded market? One of the most important aspects of modern investor relations strategies is a robust content marketing strategy, which provides your potential and current investors with high-quality published content that helps to position you as an industry leader. With a well-crafted […]
March 24, 2023
Reviewing Website JavaScript

JavaScript Rendering and SEO: Can Search Engines See JS? 

There has been a spirited debate in the SEO world for some time now– can search engines see JavaScript? Over the years, many notable players in the SEO industry have run tests to try and determine whether Google and other search engines can crawl, render, and execute JavaScript resources. Since […]
March 17, 2023
Testing Page Speed

5 of The Best Tools to Test Your Google Website Page Speed

Page speed is absolutely vital when it comes to your site’s performance. Your pages must load quickly and flawlessly to increase user engagement and decrease your bounce rate. Beyond positively impacting your user experience, optimizing your site’s pages for speed can also help you climb up in search results for […]
March 10, 2023
Using the Hreflang Tag

How to Target Languages and Regions With The Hreflang Tag

If you’re looking to grow traffic to your website, you’ve likely thought about tapping into brand-new audiences. For businesses planning to expand internationally, hreflang tags can simplify the process of accessing new visitors. Perhaps you’ve considered hiring a translator, so your website will be available in different languages. Alternatively, you’ve […]
March 3, 2023
An Orphaned Web Page

Orphaned Pages: What Are They and How Can You Fix Them?

Orphaned pages are site pages that live outside the site structure because no other pages on the site link back to them. Not only does this mean that users can’t access these pages from anywhere else on the site, but your SEO can also be negatively impacted. Leaving orphan pages […]
February 24, 2023
Investor Relations Strategy

The 8 Most Important Pieces of an Investor Relations Strategy

Communicating with your investors and giving them regular updates ensures that shareholders are well aware of your company’s strategic goals and plans. Without a strong strategy, it can leave your business vulnerable to inconsistent messaging and communication gaps. Both of these can result in a decrease in investor trust and […]